QUESTS project aims at fulfilling the following objectives:

Objective 1: One the major target scientific achievements of the project it to show that a quantum‐assisted implementation of oblivious transfer (OT) can outperform any know classical implementation of OT. This by offering quantum-computer resistant OTs at a rate compatible with the requirements of ubiquitous generic secure multiparty computation (SMC).

Objective 2: The second major target scientific achievement of the project is to show the possibility to distribute quantum generated keys using trusted nodes and encrypted links, including a final classically encrypted radio link, without compromising the security of the overall system.

Objective 3: The final major target scientific achievement of the project is to show that the integration of quantum technologies allows the dissemination of secure multiparty computation services, even in scenarios where almost real‐time computation is required and a very large number of parties take part in the computation.

With the proposed concept, QUESTS project will contribute to the creation of new trustable and privacy aware technologies, with main focus to vehicular networks. Vehicular networks can play a major role in the future of mobility, but their full potential can only be unveiled if the parties can cooperate in a full secure and privacy respectful way. Therefore, implementing a secure multiparty computation service in a vehicular network can have a huge societal impact, but also raises major engineering challenges due to the large number parties involved and due to the mobility of end‐users,
which demands the novel approaches that will be pursued in the QUESTS project.